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I had a long, lovely and newsy introduction thought out for you. Then I had a massage during which my masseuse first mentioned something about feeling “steel rods” in various places and then queried me as to whether I was “open to acupuncture.” I was, though I said it had never really worked for me despite trying it many times over the years. She said it would be different. It was. And now my body is fixed up real good but my brain is jelly.

Happy time change. I take that back. I hate Standard time and believe even farmers don’t care. I know school-age kids (albeit a small sample) get up in the dark anyway. We get it, there’s not enough sunlight to go around in the winter months. It just seems like everyone would like the sun not to set at 3:30 in December.

Dark or light, take an extra twenty minutes in bed Sunday mornings. I work all week to so you don’t have to. From Politics to Pop Culture, I hope you like this amazing list of content in the LZ Sunday Paper. Curl up and dive in.

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The Pic(k) of the Week:

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And What’s Not To Love About…

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