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Dateline: 1/24/21

Frankly, I'm still in a daze from Wednesday.

A month ago, pre-hiatus I was eagerly anticipating keeping a log of things I watched and listened to over the holidays to give you. Now, both the list and the newsletter are too long, so here's an abbreviated version.

Bridgerton is still not on the list, per last week's note. However, I ended up seeing the final episode of this first season. Frankly, not enough drama, not soapy enough for me. I need a villain I can love to hate.

Call My Agent is definitely still a high recommend. I watched the first episode of this final season. Brush up on your high school French, binge seasons 1-3 and I'll see you for episode 2.

Aimez-vous le français? J'aime Catherine Deneuve, even under feu for her #MeToo p.o.v., for her performance in The Truth. A complicated, excellent film. A relationship film, one for the mother/daughter oeuvre of all time. Only slightly less crazy than Patricia Clarkson and Amy Adams in "Sharp Objects," which I loved but many didn't care for. (That was a plug for you to give it a chance).

You like relationship films? How about Sophia Coppola's "On The Rocks"? Hmmmm, husband/wife, father/daughter, okay sure it sounds interesting. But if it's Bill Murray elder statesman relationship you're craving with a Coppola-ian zap, re-watch "Lost In Translation" instead.

My cup of relationship tea is more Charlie Kaufman's "I'm Thinking Of Ending Things." Like "Get Out" in structure and tone. Boyfriend/girlfriend. Child/parents. Time. Aloneness. Inconsistency. Right up my alley.

Political-ish relationship? Jon Stewart's Steve Carell starrer "Irresistable." Assessment: Resistable.

What a coincidence!: two new movies with the two most hugely famous and beloved male lead actors. Each are set to overcome unfathomable obstacles on a seemingly endless rescue journey, mostly alone on the screen with an adorable little girl. A completely mute little girl. Each based on a 2016 novel by a female author. Tom Hanks in Ye Olde West. George Clooney in Ye Future Space. Spoiler alert: shocker! despite their gruff grumpy alone middle-aged-man-ness, they are real softies and end up re-considering what it means to be a father, loving their adorable, mute charges. Not always -- but this time I choose Clooney. If you want a father/daughter relationship in a movie to amuse, delight, and shock you on their seemingly endless journey, I re-recommend the Borat sequel. She steals the show.

What a coincidence!: two tv shows with two quirky NYC-centric star/narrators, each taking us on a journey through our beloved City. Both are lovingly made, with vast filmic premise, a keen eye, superbly crafted, on polar ends of the production value spectrum. John Wilson gives us the world today with a view to tomorrow. Fran Lebowitz, through Scorcese's lens, brings us back to yesterday, and by yesterday I mean 1974.

"Mank." Skip!

If you want *actual* vintage Hollywood, you must see Mae West-starrer "She Done Him Wrong," the origin film of her most famous line. It is a tour de force, pre-Code power-woman tract. And Cary Grant in 1934 was a great goody-two-shoes foil. Or was he…?

Watch with alacrity and not a care in the world: the Bee-Gees docu "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" (warning, parts of it are sad, including the fact that Barry Gibb is the sole-surviving Gibb narrator.

I won't even give you the list of Holiday and New Year's-themed films since I have about 11 months before its relevant again, but if for some reason you're looking for a slightly dark Birthday-themed film do reach for "The Boys In the Band." A play-on-film directed by the superb Joe Mantello, this bunch of actor "Boys" are just divine.

Okay well that's about a fraction of our quarantine watch-list. Email me with your recommendations or any articles, photos, or videos you think I need to see right here.

In the meantime, if you have one second left to do anything after that A/V guide, take a scroll down to read the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts and Pop Culture.

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