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Dateline: 5/8/21

Happy Mother's Day, folks!

Catch-up news:

Post Vax Vacation: done! -- Yes, an actual trip to airport, plane, beach, etc. One week. Full family. Complete success. Well except for that we were somewhat out of practice and had some timing issues, some packing issues, but nothing dire. Note: it would be terrifying, Covid-wise, if everyone in your party is not vaxxed. Airports and planes are back to a social distancing rule of about 6 inches, not 6 feet. Hope you all get it done for you and kids, when you can.

Book to read -- Klara and The Sun. Moving, creepy, some well trod themes including the social structures of teen life. But done in Ishiguro's measured emotional tones. In the future. Robots who are so smart that they notice the ubiquity and importance of the new-fangled gigantic kitchen island with mandatory sushi-bar seating.

Movie To See -- French Exit. Okay I haven't actually seen it but I tried. News flash: New York City is not dead, after all. Movie completely sold out. Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges will have to wait. We will try again this week.

TV To Watch -- I had missed it. Like really missed it. Like I had kids in elementary school. Obama was President. Season 1 was in… 2013: Broadchurch. Reminiscent of "Icelandic Noir," maybe Top Of The Lake-esque except with the pre-Favourite genius Olivia Coleman and, if you make it to Season Two, the pre-Fleabag genius Phoebe Waller Bridges in a delightfully complicated and somewhat unexpected role. Netflix.

Enjoy today, mothers and people who have mothers to either see, speak to, or remember.

Lots of motherly content this week that covers the absolute most interesting and important news about, by and for women in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts, Pop Culture, and more…

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Oh and one more catch-up. I was way off on my Academy Awards Ratings guess. Not even close to the population of Kazakhstan. It was actually somewhere in between Tajikistan and Belarus! Sad. Movies will never be dead but I am not sure they will be as alive as they once were.

Oh, and to those who guessed the question of whether you think I watched a) none, b) some, c) most of or d) all of the show? Correct answer: a). But honestly that had more to do with vacation/internet, not disinterest. Okay well it likely would have been b), then. We'll see what happens next year.

See you next week!



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