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Dateline: 5/23/21

Dear Subscribers,

I'm enjoying Spring, enjoying being vaccinated. I'm enjoying outside tennis season and re-germinating the gardens. I'm enjoying the successful (so far) navigation of my first two in-person business/friend lunches last week. Except that I seem to have forgotten how to time things like how to leave enough commuting time now that (some) people are taking the subways and also that there's the thing called "traffic" again. So, I'm uncharacteristically late to everything from mid-town lunches to doctor's appointments, which is the last side effect of Covid I would have guessed.

I'm not enjoying many other things such as the the terrifying evidence of the continuations of climate change, middle-east instability and the deep political divide.

Let's enjoy together this last week before Memorial Day! Take a full read of this week's LZ Sunday Paper, an enjoyable list of the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in the world.

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See you next week!



Governor Greg Abbott Signs Into Law One Of Nation's Strictest Abortion Measures, Banning Procedure As Early As Six Weeks Into Pregnancy via The Texas Tribune

The Supreme Court Is Taking Direct Aim At Roe v. Wade via Slate


Liz Cheney: The Model Of A Modern Never-Trumper via The New York Times

ICE To Close Georgia Detention Center Where Immigrant Women Allege Medical Abuse via The Lost Angeles Times

Where Are All The Women Innovators? Here's A Start via McKinsey

Big Tech Uses 'Socially Awkward' and 'The Spectrum' To Cover Their Sins via The New York Post

Addressing Rape In Four Minutes Or Less: Dating App Reps Left Unprepared To Deal With Assault Victims via ProPublica


First Woman Takes Command Of VMI's Corps Of Cadets via The Roanoke Times

UNC Won't Offer Tenure To Nikole Hannah-Jones After Wave Of Conservative Criticism via The 19th News


Sinead O'Connor Remembers Things Differently via The New York Times

Hollywood Doesn't Know What To Do With Angelina Jolie via The Atlantic

Shelf Life: Alison Bechdel via Elle

The Jean War Between Millennials and GenZ Cannot Be Won via The Washington Post

Crocs Are Ugly! via BuzzFeed News


How Good At Basketball Is Kate Winslet, Really? via Slate

Megan Rapinoe Is Still Changing The Game via Harper's Bazaar


A Prophet Without Eyes: Pauli Murray's Moment via Scalawag

Eleanor Sheldon Broke Boardroom Gender Barriers via The Wall Street Journal


What's More Punk Than Teens Screaming In A Public Library via NPR

The LZ Sunday Paper™ launched at the dawn of 2014. We expose and recirculate interesting content that is about, and frequently by, women in business, with a dose of ultra-relevant culture. We think that culture comes high and low, not much in between. Our audience is vast and not gender-driven. Every week we expect to deliver at least one good laugh. Send suggestions, clips, or names of people you think might enjoy this to LZSundayPaper@gmail.com.

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