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Dateline: 4/25/21

Dear Subscribers,

I was putting this edition together yesterday and it dawned on me how much the categories of news and the weighting of the number of articles I cull each week has changed over time. A reflection of what the news is as well as where I actually am in my business life and general headspace.

I started (six+ years ago!) with one category, News, under which I'd list the top ten to fifteen pieces in a progression from business to pop culture. From a heavy focus on Business with a soupçon of Arts & Pop Culture, over time it's shifted. I've added categories that reflect the rise of certain kinds of coverage, from Campus Climate to Jurisprudence/Crime & Punishment. I'm opportunistically consistent in my coverage of Sports, Science & Health, and of course amazing Obituaries and Life Tributes.

What I'm struggling to remember is when the separate header for Politics entered into it and then when it led off the list. It didn't always but it has for years. I'm thinking it was sometime around the end of Obama's second term, the launch of the 2016 presidential primary. It surpassed my beloved business news in both quantity and importance, taking first position in the list and staying there through the dark days of the pussy-grabs, of Hillary's loss, of Melania's fashion statements. And then remained through the bright days of the female-filled presidential primary debates, news of AOC, Pelosi, then Harris, & countless other wins.

Close to done with this week's curation, the Politics section was still empty after all the other sections filled up. There was certainly one big story to cover but I guess my point is that the temperature has been turned down; the fever pitch has broken. There is other news to fill up the large intellectual and emotional space this publication is meant to inhabit.

So--enjoy this still-opinionated but not so politic-y edition of the LZ Sunday Paper, a weekly list of the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in the world.

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Unearthing The Roots Of Black Rebellion via The New York Times


Boards Are Adding More Women and Minorities Ahead Of NASDAQ Rule via Bloomberg

Where Will You Be In 2181? via Above The Law

Bumble's CEO Criticizes Treatment Of Female Business Founders via The Wall Street Journal

Meghan Markle Comes Full Circle With The Feminist Campaign She Launched When She Was Just 11 via People


Sally Buzbee of The Associated Press Named Executive Editor of The Washington Post. The First Woman To Lead The Newsroom via The Washington Post

Les Moonves To Forgo $120 Million In Settlement With Viacom/CBS via The Wall Street Journal


100% Of U.S. Breast Milk Samples Tested Positive For Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' via SaferChemicals.org

The Real Reason Behind The Misinformation Epidemic In Online Moms' Groups via Mother Jones


Phylicia Rashad Named Dean Of Howard University College of Fine Arts via Variety


The Rise Of The Feminist Anachronistic Costume Drama via VQR Online

Listening To Her Older Records, Joan Baez Hears Perfection In 'Unsurpassable' Voice via The Washington Post

Karen Elson Is Going It Alone via The Cut

My Body Got Me Through The Pandemic. It Doesn't Need To Be 'Bikini Ready' via Vogue


Northwestern's Athletic Director Hiring Is An Insulting and Embarrassing Step Back For Everybody via The Washington Post

What If Everything We Know About (Female) Gymnastics Is Wrong? via The New York Times

How A Majority Black School In Detroit Shook Up The World Of Lacrosse via The Guardian


via The New Yorker

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