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Dateline: 3/7/21

Dear Readers,

It will be one year, this coming Friday, since NYC officially locked down. A year this coming Wednesday since I've seen my mother in person, despite her proximity. We're starting a second round of Covid family birthdays on the 22nd. don't exactly understand how on the one hand the Covid vaxxes are rolling out by the million, but on the other, we're plateaued at around 2,500 deaths *a day* and a new spike is on the horizon. Folks--really, go get the vax! It's time. Get some use out of the Covid-19-lbs you've gained and hit the sign-up button.

But back to Gloria. So many of you know her, or have been following the travails of the past year. On Tuesday, which truly ironically would be the 365th day since I last saw her, I (and she, actually) am jumping through a series of insane hoops to do it, despite the fact that she's had both her shots since January 14th and I am Covid-negative and have one Pfizer down, one to go. This year, she was directly exposed to Covid-19--twice. I recently joked to her that that means she was actually exposed to Covid-38. That lame joke took a while to parse, believe me! In response to finally figuring out what I meant she leapfrogged to another twisted math bon mot and said something along the lines of, "I could never really multiply anyway, but I can't count high enough to get to how old the people in here are, anyway!" Let's see if the mask-to-mask meet-up comes to fruition this week or FaceTime continues to be our visual link.

In the meantime, another list of great reads today. New subscribers-- let me know what you think or Email me with your recommendations or any articles, photos, or videos you think I need to see right here. Keep reading the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts and Pop Culture.

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See you next week! Don't get confused--it's one of my favorite events of the year: Daylight Savings Time. I Stan!



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