LZ Sunday Paper Newsletter: The "Egg Stand" Edition

Dateline: 6/20/21

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Hope you are continuing to enjoy Pride, celebrated Juneteenth in a way that was meaningful to you, tipped your hat to any of the Fathers in your life you care to celebrate with, and will enjoy the very longest day of the year today and tomorrow during the summer solstice. For anyone hoping to balance an egg on its narrow end on the summer solstice, here's good news/bad news-- Good news, it's not a myth: you can actually balance an egg on its end. Bad news, this rotten egg of an article says that your success, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with the solstice. Who knew that eggs have different centers of gravity depending on their yolk?

The longest day of the year of course means you also have the shortest duration of nighttime. I frequently think back on my movie-making days. It always seemed like we were shooting exterior night scenes during this period of super-long days, rushing to complete the night's work in a scant six hours. It was brutal-- you'd have a crew call at 6p, get the lights, equipment, talent set; everyone sort of standing around waiting for it to be true night to shoot the largest, widest shot. Shortly after nightfall, six hours would have passed and you break for your first meal, "lunch" at midnight. And then back to work at 1am again rushing like crazy to get the day's (night's) work done by daybreak when the light just got to be too much to match the night scenes.  And conversely, we'd be outside in January, same thing but in reverse and freezing, hoping to complete a big exterior day scenes in winter's cruelly short 6-hours-of-sunlight days. Movies! I really am still amazed at how physical real movie and tv production is. Love it.

Well, anyway-- today you'll have plenty of time to read this week's edition of fabulous, important articles by and about women in the news before you have to turn the lights on. It's essential stuff-- from politics to tech, business to arts, pop culture to sports. Enjoy.

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