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Dateline: 4/4/21

Dear Readers,

Happy Easter! and Happy end of Passover.

As March turned into April, I realized it was once again time to drive out to check on our shuttered-for-the-winter (and uninsulated) beach house to make sure it had not fallen into the ocean (not yet, but getting closer), blown away (only some parts of some trees), sprung a major leak (only a minor one), and to see if the contractor got anything done on our multi-year punch list (yes! but also tbcontinued…sigh).

On the way out, we listened to the first episode (more coming soon) of a fabulous podcast. Two BFFs, an octo- and nonagenarian btw, discuss life, love, and the internet. They are smart, strong women who also happen to be majorly accomplished artists-- a famous actor! and a burgeoning poet. They also happen to be denizens of this very summer community. They also happen to be, inadvertently or not, hilarious.

Long time readers have gleaned that this community is, well…very particular, shall we say. For the un-indoctrinated, I would describe it as a cross between The Amish Country and Middle School. To the first point, no motorized vehicles (battery-powered bikes are currently being hotly debated and likely legislated, if not banned). To the latter point, suffice it to say, what is more middle school than learning who does and does not get a highly coveted invitation to one of the women's famous annual dinner party? I'll tell you what is, it's realizing that you never even knew the famous dinner party existed to begin with, so you didn't know you weren't invited, but now you do!

Ninth grade, here I come.

Good news-- everyone is invited to read this list of the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts and Pop Culture.

Email me with your recommendations or any articles, photos, or videos you come across that you think I need to see.

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See you next week!



Misogyny Fuels Violence Against Women. Should It Be A Hate Crime? via The New York Times


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Ghislaine Maxwell's Latest Argument To Be Released On Bail: Being Held In Jail Is Sexist via The Miami Herald


'Moment Of Reckoning' For UK Schools as 5800 Accounts Of Abuse Published via The Guardian

Annie Smith Peck: The Brown Student Who Should Have Been, But Never Was via The Brown Daily Herald

Eight Papers, Eight Women: The Leaders Of Ivy League Journalism Reflect On Historic Milestone via The Princetonian


Black Women On 'The Bachelor' Racial Reckoning -- and How It Was A Long Time Coming via NBC News

'Terra Femme' via The New Yorker

Sean Young On Surviving Hollywood's Many Toxic Men via The Daily Beast

For Decades, Countless Young Latinas Like Me Have Regarded Selena As An Icon. Maybe It's Time We Took Her Off The Pedestal. via Texas Monthly


False Labor: Giving Up On Motherhood via Harpers

The Unending Assaults On Girlhood via The Atlantic

Work The Middle via The ReMix via Crunk Feminist Collective


The Title IX Loophole That Hurst NCAA Teams via The Atlantic

Celtics' Allison Feaster: 'I Didn't Get Here By Myself' via The Undefeated


The Heart Of The Matter (first letter) via The New Yorker

Hidden Life On Sixty-Third Street (third letter) via The New Yorker

What J.C. Penney Did For Me, As A Woman, In The 1970s via The New York Times


This Woman, 82, Dresses To The Nines Each Sunday For Virtual Church. Her Selfies Have Become Legendary via The Wasthington Post

The LZ Sunday Paper™ launched at the dawn of 2014. We expose and recirculate interesting content that is about, and frequently by, women in business, with a dose of ultra-relevant culture. We think that culture comes high and low, not much in between. Our audience is vast and not gender-driven. Every week we expect to deliver at least one good laugh. Send suggestions, clips, or names of people you think might enjoy this to LZSundayPaper@gmail.com.

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