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Dateline: 2/28/21

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to announce the end of February. Every day, it seems to me, is one day closer to the beginning of the Coronavirus endgame, one step further from the slog of the endless middle innings. Get that vax if you can! Email or find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you live in NYC or NYState and I can share the info I have, if you're stymied.

Other signs that even if we're Covid-hunkered-down-but-spring-is-still-coming:

--I got woken up by birds this morning at sunrise. Yes, in Manhattan. Deafening.

--Daylight Savings is mercifully a mere two weeks away.

--Our houseplants need a ton more water than just a month ago

--It's Purim!

Time to get going on this week's hand-picked list of great reads today! The week's most important news by and about women, from politics to pop culture, with a spin through business, science, education, tech, and anything else that strikes this editor's fancy.

Send me your recommendations for any articles, photos, or videos you think I need to see -right here.

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Enjoy the Golden Globes tonight. I've given you many things to watch over the past weeks and months--I'm not sure what will win but I'm sure these two will be enjoyable at the very least, hilarious most likely, and very possibly brilliant.

Farewell to Black History Month but not to our coverage. Hello to Women's History Month, but then again every week is Women's History Week here at LZSP HQ.



What Frances McDormand Would (and Wouldn't) Give To 'Nomadland' via The New York Times


What Terrible Things Did Neera Tanden Tweet? The Truth. via The Washington Post

Calls Grow For Cuomo Harassment Inquiry. But By Whom? via Yahoo News

Call Her Ms. Higgins: The Prime Minister's Over-Familiarity Is Revealing via The Sydney Morning Herald


A New Fund Aims To Provide Diverse Investors The Opportunity To Build Wealth via Fortune

What Happened To The Wing? via The Cut

The Iconic Mr. Potato Head Gets A 21st Centure Rebrand via Fast Company


We, As Ourselves: Me Too, Time's Up, and The National Women's Law Center Launch A Landmark Campaign To Support Black Survivors via The Root

She Sued Her Enslaver For Reparations and Won. Her Descendants Never Knew. via The Washington Post


Cass Cliatt, A Voice 'In The Room' At Brown University via Diverse Education

Harvard Professor Rejects Historical Consensus on 'Comfort Women' via Inside Higher Education


Let Your Hair Down: Army Rules For Ponytails, Nail Color via The Associated Press


Britney Spears Was Never In Control via Tavi Gavinson via The Cut

'Hysterical Girl' Reviewed: An Extraordinary Look At A Case Of Freudian Gaslighting via The New Yorker

'Test Pattern' Reviewed: A Brilliant Debút Examines The Aftermath Of Sexual Assault via The New Yorker

'My Name Is Pauli Murray' Illuminates The Life Of Visionary Female Lawyer via Ms.

Bette Midler Discusses Her New Children's Book, 'The Tale Of The Mandarin Duck' via NPR


Former Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler and Partner Sell WNBA's Atlanta Dream via The Wall Street Journal

Welcome To The Grand Softball Experiment via Sports Illustrated

Rudy Giuliani's Disgusting 'Funny Story' About Michelle Wie via CNN


Dianna Ortiz, Nun Who Told Of Brutal Abduction By Guatemalan Military, Dies At 62 via The Washington Post

Fanne Foxe, Who Plunged Into The Tidal Basin and Emerged Famous, Dies At 84 via The New York Times


'Good On Her:' How Jackie Weaver Became An Internet Star via The Guardian

The LZ Sunday Paper™ launched at the dawn of 2014. We expose and recirculate interesting content that is about, and frequently by, women in business, with a dose of ultra-relevant culture. We think that culture comes high and low, not much in between. Our audience is vast and not gender-driven. Every week we expect to deliver at least one good laugh. Send suggestions, clips, or names of people you think might enjoy this to LZSundayPaper@gmail.com.

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