LZ Sunday Paper Newsletter: The "Have I Mentioned...?" Edition

Dateline: 7/11/21

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I know you've been following the big tennis tournament this weekend. And I don't mean Wimbledon. Of course I mean the competitive slugfest grand slam event of Long Island, the "Mixed Up Mixed Doubles" tournament here in this very small beach town just East of NYC. The format of this one is very fun. You enter as a single and get paired randomly for your first match, no seeds, no fixed brackets. If you win, you and your partner split up and face each other in the next round. Very tough, psychologically, since one minute you are teammates strategizing against your opponents, having fun, and then everything turns around and you face each other across the net. So far, my three partners (and thus, opponents) spanned 50 years in age, from part-time bartender to big-time businessman. After last summer's toe disaster and this winter's neuro-meltdown (new readers, consider yourself spared) *and* in spite of a current head-the-weight-of-a-bowling-ball post-Covid summer cold, I am delighted to report that I have made it to the Semi-Finals! 

On to the most important news of the week. And by that I mean the overdue introduction and warm welcome to the first-ever LZ Sunday Paper. Welcome, Lily:


My name is Lily and I have been fortunate enough to be the first-ever intern for the LZ Sunday Paper, working on Social Media Management and Editorial assistance. I am a rising junior at Brown University, studying Modern Culture and Media as well as Biology. From the moment I started this internship I have been grateful - not only to be working with someone who we can all agree is an excellent role model, but to have the privilege of researching women and their accomplishments as a key part of my job. 

This past year has been rough on all of us. That said, with all of its tragedies and anxieties and the grief and worry that shaped every day, the year also allowed me the time to consider my life, and my future, and what will ultimately bring me the most happiness. I began 2020 as an increasingly uninspired pre-medicine student, and have since then discovered a passion for media and what it can do to change our lives, our views, the way we understand the world. 

Even my short time at the LZSP has increased this passion, especially when it involves the representation of women and women’s stories. The media is often a contradiction for women: stories about their accomplishments and brilliance need to be circulated as widely as possible, but just having visibility does not mean that visibility will be empowering. More often, we are represented negatively or stereotypically. That’s what I love about working at LZSP--it allows me to research and highlight stories about the amazing things women do every day, and it also gives me a context for thinking critically about the relationship between media and gender. This resonates with me personally, as I was educated about feminism from a young age with a mother who is a Gender and Media Studies professor-- with a feminist symbol tattooed upon her forearm! I am endlessly grateful for strong women like her, and how they have taught me what it means to be a feminist. 

As a young feminist, I am dedicated to abolishing the obstacles that all women, especially women of color, have to face. For me, I display this feminism through sharing the stories of women, celebrating our accomplishments and exposing the injustices that we face, and taking action when I can.  As I continue in this field, my hope is that I will be able to continue to share these stories whether I am writing my own or influencing others to appreciate and cherish women in media. In terms of my future, I have considered a million possibilities, and will likely consider a million more in the next few years. 

What I do know for certain, is that I want to use media to make a difference. 

Thank you, Lily! We look forward to hearing more from you.

If you have someone who might enjoy Lily's words of wisdom, pass it on to them. In the meantime,  enjoy this missive this week's edition of fabulous, important articles by and about women in the news. It is essential stuff, hand-picked by me--now us!--for you, from politics to tech, business to the arts, health to pop culture.

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Wish me luck on the court today!



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