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Dateline: 1/31/21

Dear Readers,

I really appreciate all the feedback from last week's Content Watch List. I am glad to hear that folks are still, maybe because of/maybe in spite of lockdown, hungry for more content.

I'm sure you're busy because I listed about 20 things last week, so here's only one entrant for this week, but it is a very strong A++ high recommend: Jason Sudeikis' Ted Lasso. So endearing, funny, every character drawn so completely, including, mercifully and unusually, the women! I never thought "heartwarming and hilarious" would be two words I would use sincerely. Note: Do not let the marketing/soccer coach theme put you off. Or that it's on Apple+ which is insanely hard to navigate/play/understand even whether you are subscribed. But hey, who am I to tell the world's most valuable company that their marketing is subpar and their User Experience stinks.

Long list of great reads today. Email me with your recommendations or any articles, photos, or videos you think I need to see right here. Start reading the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts and Pop Culture.

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I am not looking forward to all the Groundhog Day jokes in this pandemic / quarantine year. My big learning for Punxutawney Phil is that there is a huge difference between boredom and monotony. I'm getting down to the really fine points in this area. Trust me.



Cardi B. Just Wore A Totally See-Through Dress To Go Shopping via Cosmopolitan


Biden Is Rescinding The 'Global Gag Rule' On Abortions Abroad. But Undoing Trump's Effects Will Take Time via Time

Kamala Harris Is The Decider via The Atlantic

Resistance Has No Age Limit: Three Women Over 50 Who Stood Up To Trump via Forbes

Vice President Kamala Harris Is The Subject Of A Revealing Generational Custody Battle via NBC News


I Left My Job In Prestige Media Because Of The Shitty Men In Charge and They Are Still In Charge and Still Fucking Up via Medium

Roz Brewer, The Newly Minted Walgreens CEO, Is Someone You Should Know via The Chicago Sun Times

Alcohol Played A 'Difficult Role' In Her Life. Then She Became CEO of Pernod Ricard North America via Fast Company


Weinstein Victims To Get $17.1 Million In Bankruptcy Settlement via The Los Angeles Times


Amanda Gorman-- And Poetry-- Will Be Part Of Superbowl LV via NPR

Ella Emhoff Isn't A Non-Traditional Model! via Slate

'Game Of Thrones' Actress Details Harrowing Experience As Original Daenerys: "I Found Myself Naked and Afraid" Riding An Aroused Horse via The Decider

Keira Knightly Says She Will No Longer Strip Down For Male-Directed Sex Scenes via The NY Post

A Parisian Writes Her Revenge via The New Yorker

Gender Is A Social Construct: Tiny Jewish Girl via Reconstructing Gender

Here's What It Was Really Like To Work At A Women's Website via Human Parts

The Pandemic Is Breaking Women and Now We Have To Have Babies? Go To Hell. via Men Yell At Me


Hailed As A Trailblazer, Kim Ng Stands Along via The New York Times

Washington's Jennifer King Becomes NFL's First Full-time Black, Female Assistant Coach via The NFL

The Woman Who Read Hank Aaron's Hate Mail via Slate


Cicely Tyson, An Actress Who Shattered Stereotypes, Dies At 96 via The New York Times

Cloris Leachman, Oscar Winner and 'Mary Tyler Moore' Star, Dies at 94 via People Magazine

Christina Crosby, 67, Dies; Feminist Scholar Wrote Of Becoming Disabled via The New York Times


UCLA Gymnast Nia Dennis Is Back With More Beyoncé In A New Floor Routine via Vulture

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