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Dateline: 3/21/21

Dear Readers,

I'm so sorry that Spring has been ushered in by another wave of killing, of rage targeted at Asian women as well as some bystanders. The National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum is a worthwhile organization if you are looking to help with your dollars in addition to your sorrow.

Staying focused on helping those in NYC/NYS get vaccination appointments. Let me know if you need help!

Hop down below to today's list of must-reads. Thank you to continued excellence in co-curation from Julie, Nancy, Kathryn, and Karen--among others-- who in particular uncovered some of the lesser-known sources you'll see this week. From the year anniversary of the U.S. Covid lockdown to the far-flung corners of our culture and its discontents, please read the best in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts and Pop Culture. LMK what you think -- and email me with your recommendations or any articles, photos, or videos you think I need to see right here.

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Next Saturday is the first night of Passover-- happy Pesach! We'll see if our home-cooked seder prep gets in the way of publishing next Sunday. Truth be told, there is such a backlog of superb pieces I just haven't had room for, maybe it's time for a pot luck edition. Or Seder leftovers, as it were…



The Deep American Roots Of The Atlanta Shooting via The New York Times

Things I Do Not Ever Need To Hear or Read About a Shooter Again via The Washington Post

Asian American Women Have Truly Never Been Safe via Glamour


Lost and Found: One Year In Quarantine via Elle


Andrew Cuomo Should Resign via Scientific American

Who Ordered A Smear Campaign Against at Andrew Cuomo's First Accuser? via The New Yorker

The Signs From The 'Reclaim These Streets' Protest and Vigils via The Tab


The 'Teen Vogue' Mess Is What Happens When Bosses Don't Listen via Discourse Blog

Karen Lynch Got The Big Job At CVS. Now Comes The Big Challenge: Vaccinate America via Fortune

Stop Telling Women They Have Impostor Syndrome via Harvard Business Review


Please Continue To Say Breonna Taylor's Name via The Cut


On Canons and The Work Of Re-Writing Them via Alicia Kennedy


Oscars: Women Make History In Best Directing Category via Vanity Fair

Grammy Awards 2021: Women Rule As Taylor Swift and Beyoncé Break Records via The Guardian

Language Please! Salty Feminist Stitch Book Is Too Much For Michael's Craft Store via The New York Times

Looney Tunes Veteran Pepé Le Pew, The Amorously Aggressive French Skunk Has Been Retired From Warner Bros. In The Wake Of Criticism That The Character 'Normalizes Rape Culture' via Pink News


NCAA Players Expose Stunning Disparity Between Men's and Women's Facilities via HuffPo

A Discussion With Trailblazer Suzyn Waldman via MLB.com


Sally Grossman, Immortalized On A Dylan Album Cover, Dies At 81 via The New York Times

Jewlia Eisenberg, A Shining Star In The Musical Jewniverse via The Jewish News Of Northern Caliifornia


Wisdom, The World's Oldest Known Living Bird, Has Another Chick At 70 via The New York Times

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