LZ Sunday Paper Newsletter: The "Stan" Edition

Dateline: 6/27/21

Dear Subscribers,

Welcome to the final Pride Month edition of the Paper!

Due to summer circumstances such as traffic, tennis, and naps on the beach, the editorial note is herewith foreshortened.

Stay tuned for next week's 4th of July edition, along with the introduction of the the first ever LZ Sunday Paper intern! Well, I should say first ever two-legged intern. I've tried before. The first one was cute, but not too shmart-y. The second one had a real attitude problem. And then this gal who is real eager to please, but very easily distracted and had too many pee accidents. Lily, on the other hand, has a very good resumé, submitted excellent writing samples, is a great communicator, and will bring some youthful energy to the literal gray lady, not this impersonator, hopefully with much less shedding. I'm looking forward to introducing her properly and putting out great content together this summer and beyond!

Today, enjoy this missive --I really like this week's edition of fabulous, important articles by and about women in the news. It is essential stuff-- from politics to tech, business to the arts, health to pop culture. Enjoy.

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