LZ Sunday Paper Newsletter: The "There's No Free Launch" Edition

Dateline: 10/10/21

Dear Readers,

Long story short-- Facebook is not the only one with tech challenges this week. My relaunch, which was to be both an aesthetic brand refresh as well as a change of platform, is delayed by pesky "back end" issues. With too many hours spent not launching anything, here's what I do have time for-- to give you a short run-down of some content I've recently consumed. It ranges from must-watch/listen to give-it-a-try to, um, maybe  some you can make your own decision about...

Must-Listen: The Just Enough Family 8 Episodes is not enough for me to hear about the ins and outs of the richest family in New York City in the '70's and '80's.  'Succession' meets 'Big Little Lies' but with no mean people, murder or lying, just a coming-of-age + business transformation story along with tons of clothes-, shopping-, and closet-porn, all starring people who will "NOT not be rich."

Give-it-a-try: I kind of liked another New York Story, Only Murders In The Building. I adore Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez in this podcast-within-a-murder-mystery trifle. A comfortable mess.

I guess give it a try...?  Squid Game. Okay everyone in the world, literally, is watching Squid Game.  I am not watching Squid Game but you should. Hunger Games meets Parasite.

The Sopranos Prequel. Um. This was not of interest to me. But who am I to say? Or if I do say, there goes any potential collabs between me and David Chase. I just didn't understand how to connect with any of the characters. As a series I bet I would but as a 'movie' I couldn't get through to anyone. I was not invested. No hero, no anti-hero, just a vague curiosity and a lot of trying to remember who is playing the younger version of whom. Smart move to give young Uncle Junior the same glasses. That helped me. I'm not gonna say I didn't make it through to the end but... otoh, if we run into each other, don't ask me how it ended.
**Side note: Michael Gandolfini went to the same school as my kids. Yes, it was disarming to run into his father coming around a hallway with cupcakes in hand for a class breakfast. Same look holding the cupcakes in real life as it was holding a gun on tv.

Double um...Was anyone considering watching the new Clint Eastwood flick? Hello? Did everyone just click out of this email and start scrolling Instagram? Well for some reason I was. Because I keep waiting for Clint to be awesome-Clint again instead of treacly and paint-by-numbers-Clint. Well he's only 91 so we have time. I believe in you, mean squinty legend of the screen. Come back soon!
**Side note: Clint Eastwood -- I don't think you expect this next sentence -- greatly resembles my husband, or should we say that the other way around? So every time there's marketing for a new film of his (Clint's) there's a raft of comments. Friends, relatives, random people on the street. We don't know what to make of the fact, complimentary as it might be in terms of bone structure and general positive cragginess, since Clint is in fact 32 years older than my husband. We can leave it there.

Take this nice long weekend to celebrate Indigenous Peoples and read the best of the best news of the week, from politics to tech, business to the arts, crime to pop culture. It's the news you need to know by and about other fabulous women in the news, every week.

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See you next week, still on trusty ol' Mailchimp, I'm afraid. New edition coming soon after that, I am hoping!!



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