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Dateline: 2021

The Paper is back and bigger than ever, folks. Indeed, it is extra-packed with newsy goodies that, frankly, could be many times as lengthy. Apparently the news world didn't stop just because I deemed it time for a little hiatus.

The hiatus proved effective for a variety of tasks: first up, a little Christmas cheer with open heart surgery for a loved one and some New Year's Neu-rological exams for others (everyone is okay or is going to be, soon). Speaking of medicine, like the two-dose vaccine, I also administered two doses of "moving" to offspring. This immediately eliminated the raging symptoms of the under-reported illness called Full Nest Syndrome.

Now that that, plus pandemonium in the Rotunda, Round One, is behind us, let's celebrate and remember Martin Luther King Day and also my Birthday-- one in the same this year. And look towards Wednesday to get this 2021 show on the road already.

A month ago, pre-hiatus I was eagerly anticipating keeping a log of things I watched and listened to over the holidays to give you. Now, both the list and the newsletter are too long, so we'll wait til next week. Not that I have anything against it, but no, Bridgerton is not on the list.

Pro-tip: You *do* have time to binge the first three seasons of Call My Agent in time to catch the fourth and final, debuting on the 21st on the streaming platform that is going to spend…19. Billion. Dollars. This. Year. Yes, making TV shows. Our total programming budget that built the cable network you know and love was, ummmm, around, oh wait-- are you good at fractions? Have you ever tried to use a measuring cup of like, 3/100th's of a Tablespoon or something? Well anyway, it's a great show, certainment, and I'll be back with more next week. Content picks of all sorts, plus the weekly digest of the absolute most interesting and important news about, by, and for women in Politics, Business, Tech, Science, Sports, the Arts and Pop Culture.

Thank you to my Readers who sent me so many great pieces over the past few weeks--I hope you are pleased that some made it in. Others yet to come. All, I enjoyed! Do send me more resources, plus any articles, photos, or videos you think I need to see right here.

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Again, cheers to MLK day!

See you on the other side of Wednesday.



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Supreme Court Reinstates Restrictions On Abortion Pill via Politico

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Columbia Settles A Complicated Sexual Assault Case via The New York Times


Mother and Baby Irish 'Homes' Report Finds 'Rampant' Infant Mortality, 'Appalling' Conditions for Thousands via The Irish Times


'Pieces Of A Woman' Filmmakers On Separating Art From The Artist In Light Of Shia LeBeouf Allegations via Variety

Women Directed Record Number Of 2020 Films, Study Finds via Variety

Louise Linton Has Made A Movie via The New York Times

How High-End Restaurants Have Failed Black Female Chefs via The New York Times

Stop Saying You're 'Happily Married' via Elle

Why Old Women Have Replaced Young Men As The Art World's Darlings via Artsy


'You Got It:' Becky Hammon First Woman To Act As NBA Head Coach via The Athletic

Bianca Smith, The First Black Female Coach In MLB History, Has Spent Her Career Proving She Belongs via The Undefeated


These Precious Days via Harper's


Pat Loud, Reality Show Matriarch Of 'An American Family,' Dies At 94 via The New York

Joan Micklin Silver, Director of 'Hester Street' and 'Crossing Delancey' Dies At 85 via The Los Angeles Times

Joanne Rogers, Memory Keeper of 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood,' Dies At 92 via The Washington Post

Carrie Dann, Defender of Her Ancestral Land, Dies via The Associated Press via The New York Times


Stacey Abrams/Fair Fight Action, Ms. Latosha Brown/Black Voters Matter, Nse Ufot/New Georgia Project via The Meteor via Instagram

On Stacey Abrams and The Persistent Problem Of Leaning Too Heavily On Black Women via Vogue

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