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Dateline: 6/6/21

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Happy Pride!


Naomi Osaka--many folks--men and women alike-- are buying into the "hey you signed up for it, you're a professional, you earn so much money, that's the price you pay." Essentially, suck it up. Whether you agree with that or not (and I don't), the bigger point to me is that the Tennis Associations for the major events and the tennis press keep saying that they need the press conferences to satisfy the fans and to publicize the sport. It seems to me that something has passed them by, that the fans have a direct link to the players *and* the promotion of the sport through their social channels and even, to some extent, their endorsement deals and other press that presents them as people in addition to champions. The press have every right to ask questions and people have every right not to answer them. How and where that dialogue takes place I guess was pre-negotiated by way of custom, if not rules. But the press in these situations are not exactly uncovering the Pentagon Papers, they are muck-raking for their own headlines, fairly or not, at the expense of one woman's mental health. I bet the players would continue to do on-court interviews. They seem to be pleasing to the fans and the players with highly clippable moments to satisfy the supposed goals of the Federations' demands. To me it seems like this player press-conference idea is an out-moded communications strategy in this day and digital age. It could be overhauled and everyone would be better off. Maybe they should consider putting the players' coaches up at the mic in the press room similar to the MLB and NFL. They can speak for the players, win or lose. Honestly, if the players are still forced to show up there's always the Marshawn Lynch strategy of sports press conferences. Clever--I like it! Folks in charge: give me a buzz if you need some ideas on how to negotiate all this.

Other opinions:

Mare Of Easttown--The most surprising thing to me is not the ending, it's that they went with that name. I kept expecting to see Mare Winningham in 'The Witches of Eastwick' right through to the very end. If you didn't watch it, that's actually fine -- you can catch up in 3 minutes by watching this SNL sketch. It's like The Californians, but in Pennsylvania, with a murder.

Speaking of astonishing performances (and accents) by English actors in a harrowing part, I finally caught up with Pieces Of A Woman. It is truly distressing. Honestly, I understand it's a highly personal decision and there is a ton wrong with the medical and hospital systems, but for me and my loved ones--no home births. And don't marry the type of guy who is in any way like almost any character that Shia LaBeouf plays.

On a much lighter viewing note, I totally, 100% enjoyed the optimistic, maybe flawed, but excellent, coming-of-age movie Moxie, directed by Amy Poehler. I see I was behind the times--it already introduced the band, The Linda Lindas, which I thought I was cool highlighting in my What's Not To Love About…? clip a couple of weeks ago. Y'know, the noisy girl punk band who played their high school library.

Okay, enough of the opinions and the hot-links. Your clicking appetite is probably well worn, by now. You better save it up for this week's edition of fabulous, important articles by and about women in the world.

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