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Tuesday is Election Day! Are you ready to vote? Do you have a plan to get to the polls? Do you know who you are voting for?

In a fun catch-up conversation earlier this week, a good friend—and formidable tennis opponent and political savant—told me that I should run a voter guide today in the LZSP because information is so scattered now and endorsements are hard to parse. Great idea! Except I have very little knowledge of real politics. She espoused the theory, however, that my hours of news scanning and NPR listening come in handy for politics as well as pop culture. It’s a little hard to cover the other 49 states and 19,494 cities in the U.S. but here goes:

In NYC — There are 5 ballot proposals on the docket. #2-5 are kind of clear “Yes” votes. #1 sounds good and I will likely vote Yes but I see smart groups are opposed, so I need to research further before Tuesday.

There are very interesting races to watch in Seattle, Buffalo, Atlanta, and Virginia, just to name a few. In Bos - ton, one of two candidates will yield the first woman Mayor, ever.

And while everyone is. looking towards 2022 to see how the House elections settle out, it will be interesting to see how these Special Congressional Elections turn out.

I hope this very quick Google-and-hope-for-the-best Voter Guide is of use to you, or at least motivates you to get out and vote, whether it’s a life changing election or a school budget proposal in your town that needs attention.

Election week or not, from Politics to Pop Culture and everything in between, I deliver an amazing list of content to you, every Sunday morning. Happy Halloween and, like every year, also Happy Birthday to my mom!

57 years later, she and I are doing pretty good. Happy 94th, Gloria!

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See you next week, Happy November—and don’t forget to VOTE!

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