The "I Gave At The Office" Edition

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Happy Thanksgiving!

My one daily life observation/comment for this week:

Two-factor authorization SUCKS. And I really don’t think you need it for things like shopping apps and other b.s. And, if you don’t want to have your phone with you all the time while you are doing other kinds of work, it is really intrustive. And, from an identity pirater’s pov, even a non-nefarious one like me who has to go into apps and websites all the time for my ancient mother (yes, to look at her bank balance, renew her New Yorker subscription, and pay her Rx drug bills) you can get pretty easily get into these sites, change the email and phone to yours, and then get the code anyway. The whole thing really peeves me. Especially when article after article says “put the phone away,” “don’t have it near you for better productivity,” and then you have to go running after it somewhere in the house to…shop at Zappos or pay a bill. Maybe paper checks, like other handy, efficient analog things such as telephone calls and paper ‘to do’ lists, are going to make a comeback.

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