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As many of you know, in between injuries and illnesses, my exercise consists of tennis and yoga. In March of 2020, the tennis bubbles and yoga studios were locked up tight, and it was before the boon of Covid-safe-er outdoor tennis availed itself. About three days into lockdown, a friend offered to include me in her recently cobbled together Zoom yoga sessions. Five or seven of us met over Zoom, six days a week, for weeks. We battled through initial tech glitches and the rhythm of a teacher that only one of us had ever met in person, not to mention ongoing Covid, social, and political crises that marked the rest of that horrible year.

Well, eleven months into 2021, still meeting four days a week, that initial MWF group plus two Saturday faithfuls finally met our beloved Veronique in person! She came for a scant three days, about 10 hours of which were taken up by extended yoga classes and an unbelievably fun dinner.

Covid… hilarity ensued:

1) When the person who was hosting the group found out she was exposed to a positive-testing, asymptomatic person, she did yoga via Zoom upstairs in her own house!

2) When at our welcome dinner out, the restaurant we went to was extra rigorous with the demand for vaccination proof and i.d.’s. One person did not have her phone and realized her vaxx proof was…on her phone. We asked the mâitre d’ for a little time to figure out to get the proof texted or emailed to her. Husband, not home. Kids/neighbors, no go. We were stressed. After a while, it occurred to me that she could call her sister. Her identical twin sister. Who texted her sister her own vaxx card and driver’s license to one of our phones. Yes. The Patty Duke April Fool’s joke came in very handy. The mâitre d’ and we all were de-stressed and went on to have a wonderful time. I wonder what @NYT Ethicist would say about our solution. She was fully vaxxed but it was not her actual ID. What say you?

3) When, worryingly, our faith in all things NYC was shaken when our yoga teacher (also vaxxed, but also off a plane from Florida) told us that the upper west side HOT YOGA class she went to that day didn’t ask for any Covid proof of vaxx or negative test. At all.


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